About Us

About Us.

We started out as consultants building technologies geared towards company's needs for many years. We combined our strengths and expertise in the field and launched JD Labs.


We Build Technologies

We plan.
We code.
We build.
We deliver.
We test.
We host.
We test again.
We monitor.


Our Mission

We pride on delivering applications that will be easy to maintain, operate and evolve geared towards your future needs.

We build software that you will not have to constantly change because it will take into consideration your evolution. We will work with your team to develop the application that will fulfill your needs.


Our Vision

We built a team as our goal was not to be just another recrutment firm. Our mission is to accompany your team all the way to its success. We can finalize projects up to the training of your employees that we will take under our wing until they master the technology we have provided.

We will collaborate with your product owner or scrum master, to ensure visibility of the deliverables we produce.

We thrive on fast pace evolving environments that reflect visibility of the work we accomplish.

We are your extension development team.


Let's Create Something Together

Not sure where or how to start your new application development?
Our team is ready for your project. From architecture, to realisation and operations, we can help you launch your next innovative project.

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