Empowering you today through the technologies of tomorrow.

We created JD Labs, because we are extremely experienced in building the technologies of tomorrow.

We have been consultants for many years, helping companies build and host diverse technologies. Our group of experts can offer you a team who can expand your existing development team or take on additional development projects that you don’t have time for. We can create a proof of concept, write new apps, host and operate your app, while you focus on your business. Our team codes, hosts and maintains software every day.

We constantly experiment with and test new technologies in order to offer our clients the best technology suited for their present and growing needs.

Application Development

Application Development

We have experience in developing high quality application that receives high traffic and visibility. We have built backend, frontend APIs and CMS for many type of industries ranging from medias to manufactures.

Cloud & Hosting

Cloud & Hosting

Migrating an application to the Cloud? Need our help building or porting an application to the Cloud? We have helped many projects moving legacy or completely rewrote an entire application to move it into the Cloud.



We are true believers that the application must be deployed and made available as soon as the code review and the quality gates are passed. Using DevOps techniques to accomplish CI/CD is part of our DNA.


Technology is part of our DNA.

We learn new technologies almost every day. We test them, we evaluate them, we understand them to see how they can fit their purpose. We choose the technologies we use carefully so we won't have to change them in the middle of a project and to ensure the robustness of our application.

We think <application>

Integrating, distributing or scaling an application is how we plan it. We first evaluate all the needs behind what we have to develop and how it is going to be used. We have built so many applications that we master almost all the types of architecture an application can require. Let's start working together at building your next technology.


We deliver results

We plan, build, test and test again so that you are ready to face the challenges of tomorrow and ride the wave that web and technology can give you with the wind on your back.


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